PAOCCC Prince Alfred Old Collegians Cricket Club Est. 1932
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The School

As a part of the Prince Alfred College (PAC) community, the Prince Alfred Old Collegians Association (PAOCA) is one of the strongest Associations of its type in the southern hemisphere. The school is located at Dequeteville Tce, Kent Town, Adelaide, South Australia on the eastern fringe of the parklands that surround the city. The PAOCA has many other sporting Clubs including Badminton, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, and Squash.

PAC has also produced some outstanding cricketers. Test Match players - Joe Darling, Clem Hill, the Chappell brothers (Ian, Greg & Trevor), Tim May, Ashley Woodcock and Greg Blewett. In addition, the school has had about 80 others that have gone onto represent the State in the Sheffiled Shield competition.


The PAOC Cricket Club was formed in 1932 and plays in the Adelaide Turf Cricket Association (ATCA). The first captain of the Club was L.S. Clarkson and his deputy was H.G. Prest. In those days the ATCA comprised Payneham, Hawthorn, East Torrens Colts, Prospect Oval, St Peter’s College, Prince Alfred College and a team from each of the Old Collegians’ Associations of the two Colleges. Today the ATCA has over 50 Clubs playing in 14 grades, the majority are ’two‘ day games with 4 grades allocated to one day matches.

A notation from the 1932 PAC Chronicle “The thanks of the team is due to the College authorities for their generosity in placing the ground and all facilities at the team’s disposal.” The same can be said today!

The Club Today

Our Season commences in October and the last ball is bowled in March, if you would like to play in a friendly competition please get in touch, we can accommodate all ages and abilities.

PAC is located at Dequetteville Terrace, Kent Town and we practice on the oval at the rear of the school on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, starting around 5.30 p.m. The actual entry to the school is also located at the rear of the College and can be accessed from Norwood Parade and The Parade West intersection.

This is followed by refreshments at the Hackney Hotel, Hackney Road, Hackney.

The Club has four 2-day sides (playing on consecutive Saturday afternoons) and a 1-day team.

The Club’s History


PAOCCC is affiliated in the Adelaide Turf Competition. ”For the first time in history of the Old Collegians’ Association a regular Old Collegians XI. Has been formed and affiliated with the Adelaide Turf Cricket Association, which comprises the following teams:- Payneham, Hawthorn, East Torrens Colts, Prospect Oval, St. Peter’s College, Prince Alfred College, and a team from each of the Old Collegians’ Association of the two Colleges.“ (PAC School Archives - The Chronicle, Series 120).


PAOCCC wins Grade Premier (formerly A1). “The Old Collegians’ Cricket Club succeeded in winning the premiership of the Adelaide Turf Cricket Association and have secured the Pryor Shield. During the season, twelve matches were played, of which nine games were won, two lost, and one drawn, the two games lost being the first and last.” (PAC School Archives - The Chronicle, Series 120).


PAOCCC is unable to field a side in the ATCA. However, ”Saints, however, find themselves in a similar position, and a very happy arrangement between the representatives of the two Schools has been the result. Instead of both teams disbanding it has agreed to field a composite team in the Turf Association called ”The Collegians.“ Practice will be conducted on Thursdays, using the wickets of each College of a month-about basis (Saints, October; Princes, November, etc.). Such a composite team is in harmony with the times, and the friendships of former rivalries should receive impetus from the undertaking.“ (PAC School Archives - The Chronicle, Series 120).


“The composite team of Saints and Princes is again participating in the Adelaide Turf Cricket Association. It is brilliantly losing to the weakest opposition, but, compensatingly, it defeats the stronger teams to maintain a degree of humility in the game. Gordon Harris and Len Clarkson have returned to the side, and the fact that they find selection is not a reflection on the standard of cricket, but rather a credit to their enthusiasm; both easily make the grade without practice. Matches are conducted in a semi-light hearted vein, the loss or the win worrying not. Members of the forces, when available, receive first preference in selection, and by combining with our old rivals, the friendship already existing between the two schools had been fortified.“ (PAC School Archives - The Chronicle, Series 120).


“At a meeting held at the School on Thursday, 27th September, it was decided to reform the Prince Alfred Old Collegians’ Cricket Club. During the war Saints and Princes combined, and as a result the Collegians’ Team came into being. Shortly, many cricket enthusiasts will be returning from the Services, and to cater for their needs the re-establishment of the two separate sides appears to be the most satisfactory solution of the problem.” (PAC School Archives - The Chronicle, Series 120).


“This year the club decided to make an application for a second team in the Adelaide Turf Association. This second team was subsequently accepted. Thus after being on of the foundation clubs of the Association some thirty years ago, this rather belated, but nevertheless welcome step brings the number of teams this year in the Association to fifty-seven.” (PAC School Archives - The Chronicle, Series 120).


“This season the Club will field a third team in the Adelaide Turf Association for the first time and will now have three teams, all playing on turf wickets, in grades A1, A5 and A7.” (PAC School Archives - The Chronicle, Series 120).


PAOCCC wins Grade A5.


PAOCCC wins Grade A3. “The B-Grade secured the highest premiership for the Club since 1934-35 when the A side last went top. For the Season, they won 2 games outright, 8 on the first innings, whilst losing only 3 on the first innings.” (PAOCCC Secretary’s Report, 1972-73).


PAOCCC wins Grade A2.


PAOCCC wins Grade Premier (formerly A1).


PAOCCC win Grade B2. “The last year for our club has by most standards been a most successful period. First and foremost, the amount of enjoyment derived by the members of any club is a reflection of on field strength. In 1986/87 we were fortunate to have considerable success at a playing level... Our B-Grade side, competing in B2 had an outstanding season, finishing top at the end of the minor round and eventually being joint premiers following an enthralling tie in the grand final.” (PAOCCC Secretary’s Report, 1986/87).


“With five teams in the ATCA competition for the first time, with a large, enthusiastic attendance at practice and with the A’s back in A1 after two years, it seemed than an exiting and successful season lay ahead... With the probable loss of good players next season the opportunity for young cricketers to make their mark is almost evident. Almost 100 Old Scholars played for the five teams this season, certainly a record.” ((PAC School Archives - The Chronicle, Series 120).


PAOCCC wins Grade F. “If success of a club is judged by premierships then we had a successful last season winning the first premiership of any grade in our club in 13 years. If participation in finals is measure of success then we also had a successful year with two of our four teams playing in finals - the first time in many years since this has happened.” (PAOCCC Chairman’s Address, 1999-2000)


PAOCCC wins Grade B3. “If success on the playing field is one of the criteria for measuring this Clubs performances, the PAOCC has had one of its most successful in recent times. A premiership in the ‘B’ Grade, a Grand Final appearance by the D’s, a ‘C’ team that missed the chance to play finals through a mathematical anomaly, and an ‘A’ grade team that worked its way back from the dead at Christmas time to almost make the finals. All this went to make a very memorable season 2002/03 for the Prince Alfred Collegiate Cricket Club. This onfield success was matched by off field success.” (PAOCCC Chairman’s Address, 2002-03)


PAOCCC wins Grade A1 and Grade B2. “The 2003/2004 season has been a landmark for the Prince Alfred Old Colleigans Cricket Club. Never in the clubs history has it had 3 teams in grand finals let alone won and “A” and “B” grade premiership in the same season.” (PAOCCC Chairman’s Report, 2003-04)


“The PAOC took the opportunity, after excellent early practice attendances, to put an additional one-day team into the Adelaide Turf Cricket Association LOC competition, giving the club five teams for the second time in its history.” (2004/05 Chairman’s Report) Along with this, PAOC was promoted to the A1 Premier Grade and B1 competitions. The season led to two premierships, C2 and LOD Grades.


PAOCCC A-Grade go through the minor round undefeated for the first time in its 75 year history. This should see us return to A1 Premier Grade in season 2008/09. The E-Grade, by virtue of their Grand Final appearance, should be promoted to LOA Grade also.


PAOCCC A-Grade, having been promoted into A1 Premier Grade finish minor premiers but are knocked out in Semi-Final. The B's, led ably by Simon Butler take out the B1 premiership and are promoted to A3 Grade. Next season will possibly be the first time in the club's history that two teams are competing in the "A-Grade" competitions. C-Grade, who finished Runners Up, should be also be promoted into the B3 competition.


With four of our five teams qualifying for finals, it was the year of the A-Grade who finished minor premiers for the third consecutive year and were the only side to make the Grand Final (their first Grand Final since 2003/04).  Unfortunately day two was abandoned with Grange 1 for 39 chasing our score of 193, which denied us the opportunity to win the match.  However, due to the washout, we were crowned A1 Premiers as a result of being the higher ranked team at the end of the minor round.  Ironically our last A-Grade Grand Final appearance was also marred by rain, however on that occasion we played through it and won by a narrow margin.  At our Annual Dinner, Club Chairman Aaron Read congratulated Captain Sam Tyler and Coach Sam Turner on the accomplishment which we have not achieved for 33 years.  Read commented that "Most of the side would have not have been born then, and with a young side we look forward to continued success.  We should not forget how much hard work has gone into this result, it is the culmination of strong performances in this grade over the past few seasons, and after another minor premiership it is just reward."  Club Coach Sam Turner visited the captain of our last A1 Premier Grade premiership in former state representative John Causby several days after the win.  Sam took the premiership shield and John's response was "well it's been a while since I've seen that ... it's about time we got it back."


Four of our five teams qualified for finals and all four played in Grand Finals.  This resulted in three premierships, the most in the Club's history!  In addition, the A-Grade won the T20 premiership for the second year in a row.  The A-Grade won the A1 Premiership for the second time in three years.  Sam Tyler is now a three time A-Grade premiership player and becomes one of the most successful A-Grade players at our club of all time.  The C-Grade won an incredibly close and tense struggle to win secure their premiership which kicked off celebrations instigated by the team's 45 year old captain, Antony 'Jack' Brabham, who was playing in his first PAOCCC premiership.  And Ben Cunningham won his first premiership, his first in 13 attempts as Will Thomas' D-Grade took out the C3 competition.  Club Chairman Simon Butler marked this down as "a truly incredible season by anyone's standards.  Sam Tyler, Jack Brabham, Will Thomas and Michael Richardson, our Premiership Captains, my sincere congratulations on what you and your players have achieved.  A memory you will cherish and share with your teammates for the rest of your life."


2012-13 was a season that could have been.  Three teams missed playing finals by the narrowest of margins.  The D's just missed playing in another Grand Final while the A-Grade were downright unlucky not to win their third premiership in four seasons. Defending just 81 in the grand final against a strong Grange outfit, the A's looked all but defeated when Grange had raced to 2 for 60 in reply. But such is the never say die attitude of this group and a stunning fight back led by Tim Boucaut and Jack Dent saw Grange lose 8 for 21 to be all out with the scores tied. Our immediate reaction was that in the absence of a second innings result, we had won the game being the higher ranked team. But a quick check of the rules meant that it was a Grand Final replay (which coincidently would have been Easter) or a joint premiership. Going into day 2 we were in a good position at 0 for 20, but day 2 never got going and we were bowled out for 88 with Grange needing 89 off 24 overs to secure the premiership. A second miracle was not to be with Grange scoring the winning runs with 3 overs remaining.


On field, the club has had a very strong year which culminated in four out of our five teams making the finals and the E-Grade winning the club's second one-day premiership.  PAOCCC Chairman Brad Weidenhofer stated "the club has now become one that is driven by success having won 11 premierships in the last 11 years. We are arguably one of the strongest Old Scholars Cricket Club in the ATCA and look forward to challenging traditional rivals SPOC as they return to A1 next year after a notable absence. We continue to compete with all major ATCA community clubs in terms of both quality and size."


2014-15 was another successful year with the A-Grade securing its third A1 flag in the past 6 years.  It was a closely fought grand final against Para Hills with the A's defending just 136.  Michael Richardson commented that "returning on Day 2, we needed 8 wickets with 102 runs to play with. The game was in the balance and our best was going to be needed to get over the line. Praise has been dished out at our bowling attack many times this year but the experienced trio of Dent, Boucaut and Richo had one more show to put on.  Para Hills bowled out for 102 off 62.4 overs. Fittingly, Dent and Boo each finished with the identical figures of 4 for 27 (from 22 and 20.4 overs respectively) with S Richo and Simon Brown picking up 1 wicket each.  A Grand Final to remember (but they probably all are). A great way to cap off an undefeated season."  PAOCCC were also successful in winning the Division 2 T20 premiership for the first time under the leadership of captain Brad Weidenhofer.