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Thursday, 8th December 2016

40 Year Membership ATCA

While Andrew Olsson breaks the PAOCCC club games record every time he steps onto the field (now 339.5 games, being 293 two-day, 93 one-day), this weekend he qualifies for the ATCA’s 40 Year Distinguished Service Award.


Only four people have received this award since its inception in the 2014/15 season: Jeff Emmel (Goodwood), Doug French (ATCUSA), Mrs May Fry (Grange) and Greg Gade (ATCA). Olly becomes only the second player after Jeff Emmel, who is still playing at 72 years of age! This award recognises 40 seasons of playing at least 3 or more 2-day games or service to the Association (including as an umpire and at Committee level). This is actually Olly’s 44th season, however he played less than 3 games in four seasons.

Andrew Olsson attended Prince Alfred College from 1970 to 1975 and has played for PAOCCC in seasons 1971/72, 1973/74-1981/82 and 1983/84 to date. In that time, Olly has amassed over 10,000 runs and 250 wickets, noting that the club does not have stats covering 69 2-day games from his career.

Below is a table breaking down the 40 seasons where Olly has played at least the minimum requirement of three 2-day games (or equivalent in 1-day games). To the right are the other un-qualified seasons covering the full span of 46 years.

Over his career, Olly has ticked all of the boxes:

- Two-time Chairman (1998/99, 1999/2000), two-time Secretary (1981/82 and 1984/85) and Social Co-ordinator for many years.

- C-Grade Captain for three years (1989/90, 1990/91, 1991/92)

- Winner of the Redman Award in 1994/95

- Premierships – 4 (1999/2000 Grade F, 2002/03 B3, 2004/05 LOD, 2013/14 LOD)

- 9 Batting Trophies (1981/82 B-Grade, 1986/87 D-Grade, 1990/91 C-Grade, 1991/92 C-Grade, 1992/93 C-Grade, 1994/95 C-Grade, 1997/98 B-Grade, 2001/02 C-Grade, 2003/04 C-Grade)

- 5 Centuries (106 in 1986/87, 150 & 126 in 1994/95, 106* & 100* in 1999/2000)

- 3 Bowling Trophies (1980/81 B-Grade, 1985/86 C-Grade, 1995/96 C-Grade)

The Olsson Family are an integral part of the history of PAOCCC with Andrew’s father, Murray (214 games), Andrew’s brother David (91.5 games) and Andrew’s sons Henry (14 games) and Charlie Olsson (2.5 games) all having played for PAOCCC. The Olsson family have also sponsored the Olsson Family Trophy for A-Grade Fielding since 1991/92.

It would be remiss not to mention, Olly’s 6 Vice-President sponsors this year, being:

Andrew Heitmann (268.5 games 1987/88- )
Matthew Brookes (24.5 games 1997/98-2000/01)
Andrew Winter (131.5 games 1981/82-2002/03)
Adelaide Toastmasters Club – Venkat Lingampally (51 games 1998/99- )
David Hassell (122 games 1962/63-1982/83)
Avonmore Books – Peter Ingman (142 games 1989/90- )
Peter Buttery (82 games 1972/73-1992/93)
Jim Freemantle (21 games 1989/90-1991/92)

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Olly shows no sign of slowing down – this year his form has been excellent with scores of 36, 3, 55, 47, 46. Olly will be hoping to add to that this weekend when the E’s take on Modbury at Harris Oval. Good luck Olly!