Top Performers Round 10

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Wednesday, 2nd March 2016

Best with bat and ball in Round 10

Best with Bat
Will Dalwood 141 (Sponsored by Nursery & Garden Industry of SA-Grant Dalwood and David Marsh)
Will Swale 102 (Sponsored by Minter Ellison- Adrian Swale)
Josh Morrell 77*
Tom Ashby 65 (Sponsored by David Hassell)
Michael Richardson 59* (Sponsored by 1by4- Michael Richardson)
Pat Sadlier 57
Charlie Marshall 48
Sam Hurburgh 48 (Sponsored by The Light Impact- Tom Brinsley)
Tom Brinsley 42 (Sponsored by Tony Dalwood)
Andrew Olsson 41 (Sponsored by Fred Fairhead and Club Financial Services Burnside- Mike Arnoul)
Harry Barnes 40
Sam Tyler 37 (Sponsored by Stratco- Tom Martin)
Alex Marantos 36 (Sponsored by Stagg Fine Food- Sam Stagg and Chris Drew)
Nick Pemberton 35
Cameron Pritchard 32 (Sponsored by Peter Pritchard)

Best with Ball
Hamish Latchford 5/34 (Sponsored by Victor Harbor Holiday and Camping Park- Dan Orken and Alex Butenko)
Antony Brabham 4/44 (Sponsored by CIC Australia- Antony Brabham)
Max Burford 4/52
Tyson Smith 3/17
Tyson Smith 3/28
Anthony Glover 3/30
Chris Short 3/37
Alex Marantos 3/47 (Sponsored by Stagg Fine Food- Sam Stagg and Chris Drew)