Top Performers Round 7

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Thursday, 21st January 2016

Best with bat and ball for Round 7

Best with Bat
Alex Marantos 100 (Sponsored by Stagg Fine Food and Chris Drew)
Sam Colquhoun 60
Tom Phillips 50*
Jesse Vaas 48
Zac Richards 46
Michael Richardson 44 (Sponsored by 1by5)
Ben Lobban 44
Nick Selth 41*
Tom Phillips 40*
Sam Alexander 38 (Sponsored by Pat Sadlier/Andrew Brook)

Best with Ball
Matt Merrett 6/32
Jesse Vaas 4/17
Jack Dent 4/22 (Sponsored by Faceworks Marketing)
Tom Phillips 4/29
Hamish Latchford 4/30 (Sponsored by Victor Harbor Holiday and Cabin Park)
Ed Thomas 4/47
Tom Brinsley 3/19 (Sponsored by Tony Dalwood)
Venkat Lingampally 3/42 (Sponsored by Jim Freemantle)
Jack Dent 3/45 (Sponsored by Faceworks Marketing)