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Sunday, 17th January 2016

Lexi moves up to second of all time century makers!

Scoring a hundred is a massive achievement, one which has eluded many great players at PAOCCC.
But one man has now moved his way into second on the all-time known list of hundred scorers for PAOCCC... Alex Marantos!
Lexi scored hundred #7 on the weekend, now second only to M.W. Evans who played for the club in the 1930's and 1940's who scored 10.
Lexi's hundreds: 133*, 132, 147, 100, 133*, 111, 100
Current list of hundred scorers for PAOCCC (minimum of 3):
1. M.W. Evans (10)
2. A. Marantos (7)
3. P.A. Dalwood, A.N. Winter, B.J. Cunningham, K.J. Noack (6)
4. C.M. MacIntosh, A.K. Olsson, G.D. Sanders (5)
5. R.K. Jacobs, T.R. Smith, B.J. Hook, S. Tyler (4)
6. L.E. Letcher, F.C. Bennett, I.R. McLean, M.J. Richardson, T.C. Hudson, S.C.H. Hurburgh, K.L. English, T.E.F. Brinsley (3)