Top Performers Round 6

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Saturday, 19th December 2015

Best with bat and ball from Round 6

Top Performers Round 6

Best with Bat
Will Thomas 72
Aaron Richard 42 (Sponsored by Andrea Richards- Swiftflyte)
Rob Graziani 40

Best with Ball
Nick.Gregurke 5/29
Will Dalwood 5/57 (Sponsored by Grant Dalwood- Nursery and Garden Industry of SA and David Marsh- ANZ)
Andrew Heitmann 3/20 (Sponsored by John Coop, Andrew Winter and Nick Girdler- Next Generation Financial Services)
Hamish Latchford 3/21 (Sponsored by Dan Orken- Victor Harbor Holiday & Cabin Park and Alex Butenko)
Matt Kildea 3/36 (Sponsored by Matt Kildea- Council for Life)