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Friday, 20th November 2015

Policy and sides for the tournament

The club has had an overwhelming response to the nomination of 4 teams in this year’s T20 competition.

In the interest of ensuring both success and to enable the greatest level of participation by all involved with the club the following policy has been put in place.

An A and B grade side will be selected as the best possible line up and picked on merit. Any player missing the A or B’s would then filter into one of the teams below. Also anyone can be brought in if form and need warrants. Michael R Richardson and Jesse Vass are to captain these teams

The other 2 teams we have split into “Red” and “White” with each having a squad of 16 players. The captains are William Swaile and Matthew Kildea. The captains are will be managing selection to have balanced and competitive teams each round, however each player other than the captain will get the opportunity to play 2 of the 3 games (taking into account individual availabilities etc.). This will be overviewed by the selection committee.

Our intention with this structure is to accommodate all players and provide an equal opportunity to all. Below are the squads that have been selected from those players who have indicated their desire to play T20’s. Each weeks teams to be announced on the Saturday before at the Hackney post presentations.

Please advise your captain if you have any availability or other matters that need to be accommodated..

A Grade Michael Richardson Tom Andrews Tom Ashby Tom Brinsley Simon Brown Drew Clayfield Nick Clayfield Sam Hurburgh Seb Moroney Elliot Opie Cameron Pritchard Sam Tyler

B Grade Jesse Vass (Captain) Sam Alexander Todd Alexander Max Burford Will Dalwood Nick Gregurke Hamish Latchford Jack Latchford Will Latchford Alex Marantos Tom Phillips Jake Pitt Adam Pursell Zac Richards Brad Weidenhofer

C Grade (Red) Will Swale (Captain) Luke Bartlett Simon Bean Max Clarke Sam Colquhoun Cameron Graetz Will Hudson Charlie Marshall Nick Mosey Adam Perryman Simon Potts Albert Robbins Pat Sadlier Will Thomas Ryan Tromans Nick Wilton

C Grade (White) Matt Kildea (Captain) Harry Barnes Antony Brabham Brad Coles Charlie Comerford John Gould Andrew Heitmann Brent Hillier Harry Hockney Richard Hockney Ben Lobban PA Politis Aaron Richards Tom Simpson Tyson Smith Jordan Walsh