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Thursday, 22nd October 2015

Message from Coach Ben Hook

Hi everyone

Thought it worth providing you all with a brief overview of the way in which sides will be selected in 2015/16.

Rather than a traditional selection committee, where all captains, the coach and chair of selectors meets on Thursday night to finalise teams, selection will be driven predominantly by the club coach.

As the current club coach, I will collaborate with captains on the make-up of each team, but, generally, my decision will be final.

A detailed selection document is being developed and should be ready for distribution before selection of round three teams.

I will be working closely with the selection coordinator, (a role being filled admirably by Jack Brabham) whose responsibility is to ascertain the availability or otherwise of all club playing members, and confirm the final make-up of teams for lodgement with ATCA.

The reason I have chosen this procedure is to streamline selection and to standardise the manner in which players are notified of the grade they have been selected in. And, essentially, to make this club better.

Selection can be an emotive topic. Nobody likes to be dropped. But ideally everybody should at least understand why they were not selected in the team they expected or hoped they would.

I will attempt to advise all players of why they have been left out of a team they aspired towards. It may be due to performance, behavior or simply a line-ball call due the availability of other players. Each team can only fit 11 and there are scenarios where players are unlucky to miss out.

This week there will be some unlucky players.

Selection is not always clear cut, but every decision I make will be solely in the best interests of the club.

Understand also, that I am a hard marker. This club has invited me here to drive it towards unprecedented levels of success.

Players looking to go up a grade should be dominating.

Conversely, if you are not actively contributing, then your spot can be in doubt.

I won't get every decision right every time. Particularly early in the year. But by finals time, I expect players will have picked themselves.

The focus of this club, and the individuals within it, is constant improvement. I'm no different.

Your aim must be to become better than you were last year. As a player, as a team-mate and as a person.

If that's your aim, then as the coach I can help you with this.

Setting high standards is the cornerstone to sustained success.

Whatever your situation at the club, I'm always available to provide help and advice to fast-track your own improvement.

Thanks Ben Hook