2015/16 Club Announcement

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Thursday, 23rd July 2015

Appointments and information

At the recent Annual General Meeting the following announcements were ratified for the 2015/16 season. The club is especially please to formally announce that Ben Hook will return to the club as Club Coach, Ben will oversee all grades as the club endeavours to give all players the best possible experience on and off field.

The Committee is also please to confirm that the Hackney Hotel will again be the clubs major sponsor and social base for the 2015/16 season. The Hackney has been a great supporter for the PAOCCC and we hope that the relationship continues to grow.

The following committee positions were nominated and elected.




James Dalwood


Richard Hockney


Michael Richardson


Ben Lobban


Chris Drew


Antony Brabham


Max Burford


Sam Richardson


Simon Bean


Andrew Heitmann


Michael Siciliano


The committee announced that the club will move to a 3- 2 Day & 2- 1-Day structure with the ATCA confirming the following grading’s. A1, B1, B3, LO3 & LO5 the Club also announced that there had been nominations for the five grade captains in

A1 – Michael Richardson

B1 – Alex Marantos

B3 – Sam Knight

LO3 – Tom Phillips & Tyson Smith

LO5 – John Coop

It was announced that all positions would be ratified by the incoming committee at their first meeting.

There will be an upcoming announcement regarding preseason start dates from Club Coach Ben Hook.

James Dalwood
PAOCCC Chairman